On our website, you can explore the options that will help you navigate the complex construction process. We specialize in family houses, apartment buildings, and renovations in Prague and the Central Bohemia region.

If you've decided and are selecting from construction companies, there are many criteria to consider. The foundation is finding a suitable construction company that will help you build your future dream home with minimal worries.

During the initial meeting, which can take place at our premises in Kostelní Střimelice, as an online meeting, or at your construction site, we will familiarize ourselves with your ideas, and you will gain an understanding of our capabilities.

For New Builds, we'll discuss whether you want to take advantage of comprehensive turnkey construction services or if we'll assist you partially, such as with the rough construction, etc. For Renovations, we offer services in a similar scope. If the property and the reconstruction plan meet the conditions set by the New Green for Savings program, we are happy to assist you with obtaining a grant for the renovation, which, under certain conditions, can amount to several hundred thousand Czech crowns.

We will agree on all aspects in advance, and after the initial meeting and with the available information, you will also know the cost estimate.

If you have land and plan to have a custom-designed family house according to your ideas, we can offer you the collaboration of an architect (construction designer) or an interior design proposal. We work with individuals whom we have vetted and who share our customer-centric approach.

If you have your project documentation, that's not a problem for us, and we will proceed based on the provided materials.

If you're not entirely comfortable with construction but need control and oversight over the ongoing construction, we offer the service of an independent technical supervisor, who will help ensure that your planned construction is completed on time, with the desired quality, and without unnecessary additional costs.

Once we agree on the scope of collaboration and approve the price, the next step will be signing the contract for the work."


In the case of comprehensive services, we offer what is commonly referred to as 'turnkey construction.' This includes the creation of architectural design (optional) for the house or other structure in collaboration with our architect, preparation of project documentation (mandatory), notification of construction or building permit, procurement of materials and all deliveries, construction of the house, installation of standard technologies as well as smart home technologies for discerning customers, interior furnishing, creation of paved areas, sidewalks, property fencing, and final approval by authorities.

According to your preferences, we can also construct a garden wellness area.


Partial services consist of arrangements we agree upon in advance. We base this on the assumption that you already have a clear vision, prepared project documentation, or possibly the required permits. We can also offer partial turnkey reconstruction services within the agreed-upon scope.

In this scenario, we can coordinate the construction, create the foundation slab, manage the rough construction, insulate the façade, or propose and craft a new insulated roof (flat roof, pitched roof, green roof), or perhaps solely build or renovate an attic space.

We exclusively use high-quality construction materials available in the market and guarantee their long-term utility.